Claudio Modola’s philosophy in designing Kwa Shanzu: From the outset we wanted to give Kwa Shanzu a strong sense of unmistakeable identity quite separate from its counterparts.

The development has a very calm, pure, uplifting quality, reminiscent of the white historical villages of the southern Mediterranean region. This feeling was achieved through the proportion of dimensions, the use of clean contemporary architectural lines punctuated with more decorative bespoke features, uncluttered airy spaces and the rather unusual choice of the colour ivory throughout the exterior facades, paved areas and tiled roofing.

Kwa Shanzu was designed to convey an immediate sense of home or belonging, a feeling of entering a discreet, tranquil community upon passing through its gates as though one has passed out of the dust and dirt of the city into another level where one can think and breathe and I believe that we have achieved that. The apartments have all been designed with light, space, function and monsoon breezes in mind. The rooms are generous in size with inbuilt or walk in wardrobing, the cool sleek neutral finishes act as a blank canvas to be enriched or underplayed as the owner desires, kitchens and bathrooms have been designed to meet the needs of modern living and the social areas, veranda’s and balconies are open and spacious.

When designing the apartments we kept a variety of potential owners in mind, from busy professionals, to families or investment buyers and we believe the development caters for the individual lifestyles of all. Kwa Shanzu has a private gym, pool house, children’s play area, separate private laundry areas and management office all of which were designed to appeal to a variety of potential buyers. Kwa Shanzu is a unique development, which will provide its inhabitants with a complete, secure, and inspirational living experience.